Top 10 High Calcium-Rich Foods You Must Know

High Calcium-Rich Foods list

calcium is a mineralize bone, 90% percent in bone of our body made of calcium carbonate and the remaining 10% are the cartilages. To maintain the bone strength, bones need high calcium-rich foods to stay healthy.

Daily Reference Intake (DRI) recommended calcium consumption according to their age and sex also. DRI recommends 200+milligram for a child and an adult person needs to take 1200 milligram.

When it is for a pregnant woman or a 50+ woman it is increased by some percentage. She should need a minimum of 1300 milligrams of calcium to maintain their bone health.

Most of the dairy and non-daily food contain high-quality calcium.we have provided a list of calcium-containing foods that may be veg or non-veg and discuss their nutritional benefits with a report of nutritional value.

1. Cheese

There is no any kind of extra opinion that cheese is the best source of calcium rich food

Cheese is a milk extracted dairy product rich in calcium and protein. 100 gram cheese contains 1% of calcium that is approx 1045mg. 

Cheese is the most excellent food source of calcium among all foods in this list.

2. Sardines

There is 21 variety of fish present under the categories of sardines. It has the most harvest fish contain a high amount of energy and fat. These fish help your body to prevent health diseases

Sardines fish rich in calcium that gives strength to our bones and enhances the immune system. that may help you to protect incase of coronavirus(COVID-19).

Its contain so many antioxidant properties. one of the rich sources of calcium and vitamin-D. which helps you to fight against cancer like diseases such as breast cancer and other cancer-related problem.

In 100gm of sardines fish contains 382gm of calcium. that helps to improve your insulin resistance capacity as well as work for your heart, not to clot blood and turndown the risk of blood pressure.

3. Tofu

Tofu is similar to the paneer. it has more nutritional benefits. Tofu is not made by milk, so it is not a dairy product. It is prepared by soya milk.

Tofu contains a mainly rich source of protein and calcium.tofu is not help you to increase your weight but also help you to stay fit and stay healthy. 

Because it has no cholesterol, so it is the best alternatives of milk and paneer. Due to contenting a rich source of calcium inside the tofu.

That helps you to improve your bone strength and help you to achieve good health. In a  100 gm of tofu rich in  350mg of healthy calcium.

4. Almond

Almond is one of the best dry fruits contained in a rich source of calcium.

It is like a small atom bomb. which has contains a large value of nutritional calcium.

You can not believe that, A single almond has a rich food source of calcium. that is 264 mg content in 100 grams of almonds. 

almond price is a little bit costly,but it is easily available in online stores like Amazon,flipkart and other offline stores.

Experts recommended daily one almond should be taken. which is help in your body bone stronger and make your memory sharper.

Almond 264 mg

5. Bread

Breads 260 mg

6. Soya

Soybean is an alternative to milk that has a high nutritional value. Calcium content in soybeans is higher than milk. By the purification of soya bean, soya milk is produced. 

In most of the times see that in many countries as a controversial food. Soya bean can rich in protein and in 100 gm of soya been can contain approx 227gm of calcium. 

Soybean is consumed by both vagitarian and non-vagitarian person. Duo to soya is rich in protein and ca .it also use as a weight loss product .it help you to stay fit and stronger.

A person who suffering from lacrosse intolerance problem, this person can consume soy milk as an alternative of milk. But the person suffering from thyroid problems, that may not be consumed .if it is consumed by the person sever health issue may appear. 

Soya bean is the for vegan person rich in protein and other nutritional content. it can be consumed by both an underweight person and an overweight person.

7. Amaranth

Amaranta is a sudo-grain rich in minerals and vitamins. experts are also recommended Amarnath should be included in your diet to help in many ways.

Due to its many meditational benefits the people of Central America and Mexico culture. Amaranta Leafs and the seed has many benefits fills with minerals and vitamins with antioxidant. 

Protein-rich amaranth help to improve your bones strength .due to present of 159-gram of calcium in 100g of amaranth. it is a one of the best food source of calcium.

It helps you to improve to gain weight as well as lose weight And lower down the cholesterol level and improve your vision as well.

8. Figs

Fig or Anjeer was used as a  fruit and dry fruit also, It has many medicinal values. so that experts are recommended fig addon to your diet plan as fruit or dry fruit.

Fig contains serotonin that helps in neurotransmitter and maker your mood happy. vitamin-B6 like vita mine more beneficial and pectin help you to lower the cholesterol levels.

In the time of menopause, woman are suffering from low immunity system, in that time fig help you to boost her immune system. 

It contains high fibre content. that helps our intestine to keep it clean. Also, the fig is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. that help our bone to make stronger.  

In case of diabetes fig leaves, are help you to increase your body insulin levels and soon diabetes may cure.

In 100 gm of fig, fruit contains about 162mg of calcium. that helps you to the better bone in your skeletal system.

9. Milk


Usually milk are the high in calcium rich food sources, From our birth milk played a very crucial role in our life. It fulfills all the requirements of minerals and nutrients in our body.

There is no other alternatives of milk it contains both proteins as well as calcium. it is the only dairy product content these kinds of nutritional value .

According to the United State and Canadian Health Society, 80% of the people selected Milk as a primary food source. It is also a weight loss diet.

A huge demand of milk in our consumer market, which was fulfilled all calcium requirements.

A minimum of a hundred millilitre (100 ml) of milk contains 125 mg of calcium. that is a huge amount, content in milk as compared yoghurt

example:- curd ,paneer and all milk made products

Milk 125 mg

10. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is also known as curd and made by milk, which is available in various parts of our gives you instant natural energy and helps to burn fats. This helps to lose weight.

Yogurt is a good food source rich in calcium

It contains calcium, protein and low 100gm of yoghurt contains approx 110mg of calcium which is essential for a good strong bone.

A person having Lactose intolerance can take as an alternative of milk. Yoghurt helps your skin to reduce dead cells.

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