No 1. Tip For How to lose Weight | Quick Tips | Simplest Way Stay Fit

Today's topic is about how to lose weight. How much money you have earned. If you don't know how to fit your body.the important most thing is how to always active your body .

girls are wanted to lose the weight. they are doing wrong in the process of weight lose . Unknowing they damage their body. the only thing is lack of information about stay fit. The health is important .

The Only Happiness Is All Ways Be A Healthy Person

Nutrition knowledge is important for all. Diet plays 90% role and exercise plays 10% role in your fitness. Sometimes people think exercise is the right way.

American had a very good knowledge about nutrition. In a survey found that most of them are fit. Indian people, they had poor knowledge  about it. European country people were know very well about nutrition.

Dieting is not the right way to lose weight. Dieting decreases your fat level and makes your skin squeeze. Exercise is the best thing to do to decrease fat from the stomach. Every 3 hour Your body needs a meal. which is nessorry

Mix curry is the best thing to eat. combine two incomplete nutrition source it makes complete nutrients.

For example :- you combine rice and dal rice are some essential amino acids which are not present in dal and also Dal have some amino acid that should not be present in rice. so Combining food is also a good thing.

Do you decrease your weight 10.0 kg in 10 day ?

You should follow these tips to make weight loss drinks. 900 Calories Meal Plan For Weight Loss

  1. Breakfast - 370 cal
  2. Mid morning snack - 68 cal
  3. Lunch - 250 cal
  4. Mid afternoon snack - 71 cal
  5. Dinner - 132 cal

In the morning, A glass of Hot Water is more beneficial for your weight loss

Add the following thing in a glass of hot water.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Fennel seeds 
  • Carom seed
  • Lemon

fennel seed and carom seed has dialectic property. It can help to remove waste and toxic. it should be more beneficial in empty somatic. It can  increase the metabolic activity.

Scientifically proven Hot Water Drink is more effective. Most of the health experts and fitness king also recommended this drink. In the survey found that most people who prefer this drink get more results. 

After drink you should go for a walk. You should not replace Morning exercise with other things. it need to add 20-25 min exercise in your routine. You can not forget your excises.

10 hour exercise in a week increases your lifespan up to 1 hour. You want to be active all day, you need to Exercise. It helps to be active.

After exercise then it's time for breakfast. breakfast is the essential need. You should not forget breakfast. Health experts refer to oats as a weight loss product.

Otas rich diet plan helps to lose 10 kg in 10 day. Oats contain nutrients like healthy carb and fiber. Fiber helps to improve the metabolic system. And keep your digestive tract clean. 

Follow above these method you can easily lose your fat easily.

How to make a homemade weight loss recipe?

You should eat High protein contain food like eggs and High fibre food like bananas. Makes your muscle strength stronger. Increase your muscle cell strength.

You should eat High protein contain food like eggs and High fibre food like bananas. Makes your muscle strength stronger. Increase your muscle cell strength.

Require Food :-

  • Oats
  • Milk
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Honey

How to Prepare Weight Loss Breakfast

first of all you Take a cup of oats in a bowl Add some milk and mix properly. take careful Apple cut out into slices and again take a banana cut into slices. All Mixed all together. after that add some honey.

Now your meal was ready to eat.

Warning:- This is not for diabetic patients

water is a good thing to lose weight. Experts say an average person should drink 5-6 liter water a day. Green tea is good for your health. It helps to remove toxic. 

Breakfast is a necessary need. it maintains blood sugar level and hormone levels.and boosts your metabolism. An increase in metabolism also increases nutrient absorption. And greater the absorption, greater will be the muscle strength.

Breakfast is a necessary need. It maintains blood sugar level and hormone levels. Breakfast boosts your metabolism. An increase in metabolism also increases nutrient absorption. And greater the absorption, greater will be the muscle strength.

Protein contains a pyy hormone. PYY Hormone releases in mind and creates a hungry signal. Increase in protein content in food, decreases hungry decrease or vice versa. 

milk is good to drink. Milk content calcium. calcium binds with fat and makes it a more simpler substance. These simpler substances are easy to digest.

When you drink a glass of water your body fluid is easily digested before your food digest. Which makes your stomach unstable. It can bring down the stomach size which makes you hungry.

which we mixed homemade products like almond, milk, walnuts and grind.  grind soup makes your stomach take longer to digest. More time to digest, less will be the stomach expand. By slowing down the digestion process, the stomach is less expanded, and feels less hungry. 

What is Calorie Count Technique?

Study shows that Calorie Count Technique is more beneficial for weight loss. Calorie count technique is more effective. It is found to be more beneficial.

Eexample:- first you eat a comparatively big plate. In calorie counting technique you should eat a comparatively lower size plate. Small size plates contain less amount of food. So Less will be eaten as compared to a comparatively big size plate.

Sleeping plays an essential role in the body. Everyone needs 6-7 hours of sleep. A good night makes your day cheerful. In a survey found that most of the people who sleep well will lose more weight.

Scientifically proof that a good sleep can help you to lose more weight. So experts suggest it. 6-7 hour of sleep makes you whole day active. follow these method to loss weight.

In 17's (seventies) dietary guidelines the world recommended around the food pyramid.We recommended to reduce fat and add a lot of carbohydrate reducing fat is the core advice for next 40 years

doctors are proposing instead of reducing fat we need to reduce carbs. South Africa professor found in the research in carb consumption, carbohydrates stimulate the hormone called insulin. insulin increases the body fat Store.

You should follow these thing ?

A lot of insulin in the body increases the body fat level. lf you are constantly eating carbohydrate in every 3 hour. Your body instantly increases the insulin concentration in the blood. These carbohydrates deposited into the cells can not release fat. 

Of the three dietary macro-nutrients carbohydrates are the most protein simulator insulin. When you eat fat you get an essential instant response. eat protein you get a moderate response. when you eat carbohydrates to get a relatively high response.

Many people get the wrong information about high protein food. Eating much more protein along with this. Low carbohydrate is the key point.

Professor says the low carbs diet with moderate amounts of protein helps to lose weight. Because it reduces things and makes you feel fuller for longer. If you reduce your hunger your calorie consumption reduce. 

Dietitian association of Australia experts agree low carbs diet will help you to lose weight. Somebody goes on a low carbs high protein diet  to lose weight quickly.

Humans have absolutely no requirement of carbohydrate. Essential fat and protein which is not generate in your body.

Optimum level of dietary carbohydrate will depend on how your body system. people metabolize better than others. low carbs add we could person many people are actually noway carbohydrate intolerance.

It is associated with some physical things. fat carried in the middle associated with people. they have a strong family history of metabolic syndrome. whole grains are excellent sources of energy and help to burn fat.

people become more excellent at resistance and they have a difficult time disposing of these carbohydrates. low carbohydrate diet are naturally higher in fat

Quick tips for weight?

  • Eat High protein foods
  • Avoid alcohol and cold drink 
  • Eating soluble fat 
  • Drink hot water before breakfast
  • Need Quality sleep 
  • Avoid carbohydrate foods
  • Avoid fast food
  • Eat more fiber 
  • Add wholegrain 
  • Do 20-25 min exercise

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