Harmful Effects of Alcohol Destroys your Body

In America alcohol is the most serious problem. Alcohol Drink is severely affects our body and brain .

The American Council of Drug Education (ACDE) said alcohol is the oldest drug ever. Excessive drink of alcohol causes many  harmful effects. In long term alcohol may give you a punishment.

What is alcohol ?

Alcohol is the world's oldest drug prepared by the fermentation process. It can cause addiction and dependency to ward alcohol. It makes your body and mind weaker. Alcohol creates harmful effects on the body.

What are the factors that depend on Alcohol effect ?

Effect of alcohol depend on various factors :-

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Body Weight
  4. Amount of food consume
  5. How quick alcohol in ingested
  6. Race and ethnicity
  7. alcoholism

How Alcohol Affects the Human Heart ?(1)

Drinking alcohol may affect the human heart. A higher dose of alcohol completely damage your heart. Intake of alcohol forces you to pay a huge amount toll on your life. 

  • Cardiomyopathy - in this disease heart tissue is thick and rigid makes  heart damage. abnormal electrical pulse cause irregular heart beat.
  • Arrhythmia - abnormalities in pulse rate lead to increase in the pulse rate . Pulse rate increase too high according to normal pulse rate.
  • Stroke - any kind of clot developed inside the artery causes insufficient blood flow to the organs.
  • High blood pressure - it is developed inside the blood vessels. any kind of blood clot is developed inside the vesicle take place a pressure was created in side the blood vessel.
  • Heart attack - a high pressure is developed inside the artery that damages the artery wall.

How Alcohol Affects the Human Liver ?

Liver is the largest organ of the body. Overdose of alcohol takes a toll from your life. Liver removes toxins from your body. It secret bile called bile juice. Which helps in the digestion of food. Liver damage is a big problem in our body.

  • Fatty liver - (excessive drink of alcohol may increase the fat in your liver. Fat deposited inside the liver make your liver cell damage)(2)
  • Alcoholic hepatitis - (many years of alcohol consumption may cause inflammation in the liver. Heavy drinker are mostly affected )(3)
  • Fibrosis - (outgrowth of tissue and deposition of extracellular matrix is leads to the long term alcohol consumption)(4)
  • Cirrhosis - (it takes more time to reach in this condition. Slowly damage your liver .)(5)

How does alcohol affect your brain ?

Alcohol affects the brain and creates addictiveness and dependency. Effect of alcohol increases with the increase in consumption.(6)

More involvement with alcohol can damage the brain cells. Alcohol consumption leads to memory loss.

Alcoholic people are unable to decide which is good or bad. They alway criticized by society. 

How does alcohol affect immune system ?

According to experts, alcohol consumption is the path of adverse health problems. Alcohol slowly damages your immune system.

Day by day the immune system becomes weaker. Alcoholic liver disease is the most common problem in america. every year billions of dollars are spent on alcohol.(7)

Increase the body temperature and be less active toward alcohol. Tuberculosis and pneumonia like disease are seen in an alcoholic person.

How does Alcohol affect the pancreas ?

Pancreas releases glucagon and insulin. Excessive drinking causes swelling of pancreas. Made damage day by day.

U.S National Library of Medicine says pancreatitis is caused by the drinking of alcohol. The development of gallstone inside the pancreas is a big factor.

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