Best Fiber Food Really Good for Health

What is fibre foods?

Fiber is a type of  carbohydrate produced by plants and It can help to clean our digestive system Fiber is essential for our daily life. It can play a vital role in our body.

we need fiber foods content diet to balance many Anabolism and Metabolic processes in our everyday life. Fruit and Vegetables contain high fibre which helps in weight loss, diabetes, pregnancy, babies, cancer, digestive health, heart health, skin health, constipation etc.

What are the best fiber diet?

Fruit, vegetable and grain are the best fiber food. which  is necessary to add this type of diet in yours daily Life. Fruit name strawberry, banana, Blueberry, mangoes are the best fiber fruit and vegetable name carrot, sweet potato are the best fiber vegetable. It can content large amount of fiber in it. Oats is the best source of high fiber foods.

Fruit and Vegetables

Avg.Amount(per 100 gm)


3.146 gm


2.693 gm


2.274 gm


2.431 gm


2.790 gm


 1.630 gm


2.310 gm

Sweet potato 

3.214 gm


1.890 gm


2.436 gm

Sweet corn 

2.817 gm


5.324 gm


3.142 gm

Benefits of Fiber:

  1. Better regulation in your blood sugar.
  2. Maintain and clean digestive system.
  3. Lowering the risks of heart disease and blood pressure.
  4. Improve the insulin level.
  5. Eliminate toxic and Waste from skin.
  6. Help to increase your weight loss.
  7. Help to keep moving food in the digestive tract.
  8. Lowering the risks of hypertension and stroke.
  9. It Help to increase weight during pregnancy.
  10. Prevent constipation.

Amount of fiber intake is different in different gender as well as age group. and the average male should  take 38 gram of fiber rich food a day but in the case of Adult females it can be 25 gram. children should intake 30 gram fiber a day.

Age group Amount of fiber foods:

        Male               38 gm

        Female           25 gm

        Children's      30 gm

A survey found that  American people can intake half of their requirement that is 15 gm per day of fiber intake.

Deficiency of fiber can cause:

  1. Constipation
  2. Stool cannot pass regularly 
  3. lowering down the blood sugar 
  4. Increase the risks of heart disease 
  5. Fluctuate the insulin level
  6. May cause Diarrhea
  7. Unusual body weight gain 
  8. Breaking the digestive tract
  9. May cause infection in the track

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